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The State of Civil Union

Posted By on September 19, 2014

The step from civil partnership to civil union is a process in it’s self. With more same sex couples then ever before more states are stepping up to the plate and fighting with supreme courts to legalize same sex marriage, although the marriages will only be legal in six states. The first state to ever legalize same sex marriage was Massachusetts in May 2004 followed by Connecticut in October 2008, in April 2009 the states of Iowa and Vermont past the same sex marriage law and gay fuck buddy dating as well, followed closely by Maine in May 2009 and New Hampshire in June 2009.

Although we have made big leaps forward in many states for equal rights for same sex partnerships, this is slow process and even though marriage may be obtained in six states, in all states same sex couples are not entitled to any benefits from their spouse including social security.

Thankful For A Cell Phone

Posted By on September 14, 2014

I work two jobs and have my own place and I am so behind on my bills right now that it is driving me crazy. Silly me decided to take all of my savings and go on a trip for a couple of weeks, I will say that it was well worth it until I came home.

Both of my jobs approved my vacation and I came back to only having one job. The job that I was making pretty good money at fired me. So I started looking for another place to work and I found one within a week. Now I am playing catch up with all of my utilities, rent and car payment.

I dropped my cell phone and broke it the other day and I had no money to replace it. My fuck buddy London came to my house and surprised me with a new phone. The best part is that she told me I do not have to pay her back.

My Night Was Ruined

Posted By on August 31, 2014

The one night I wanted to stay up late watching television and talking to my husband he had a headace and wanted to go to bed. The only reason I wanted to stay up last night is because my favorite show was on. Each week the show features men and women who have very odd fetishes. This week it was on men with foot fetish Newcastle escorts. For some reason this one caught my attention. Maybe it is because it sickens me a little and I would have loved to hear the persons thoughts on why they liked feet so much. But of course, I did not get to hear it because my whiny husband wanted me in bed next to him so I could rub his back and help get rid of his headache.

Times Must Be Changing

Posted By on August 18, 2014

I checked my checking account the other day, and noticed that the money was shorter than the remainder of the month. I must say I am decidedly dejected over this. I am a full-time worker, and I feel as though I receive part-time pay. I need a part-time job, with some added value and benefit. I looked at what I had to offer and this is what I came up with.

I have the weekends to work. I have a great figure, and I am college educated. I am attractive and I like to go to cultural events. I love gourmet food. What can I do to incorporate all those things? I can work for a Newcastle escort agency. Good hours, great pay, and I certainly will encounter some interesting people and get out and about every weekend. With those amenities, I think I need to go shopping for some new “work clothes”.

What a Great Idea

Posted By on August 10, 2014

Last weekend my best friend and I rented a hotel room in Manchester where we would have fun and relax before work came on Monday. On Friday evening we both sat around and took full advantage of the bar in our room. We talked all night and laughed about all the suits roaming around like zombies at work, as well as our stuck up, angered boss. When we woke up Saturday morning we both agreed that we needed to spend our last night doing something fun, that did not include sitting around the hotel. My friend had the great idea to call Manchester escorts and get us a couple of dates for later that night. He said he had heard great things about the agency and how they only provided the best escorts. For the first time in my life, I agreed with him on something. That night we were given the two most beautiful women to take out to dinner and dance with all night long.

My Number One Goal

Posted By on July 25, 2014

I have been living the high life, as all my friends have been saying. I may work full-time but some how I always find the time to do things I absolutely love and buy things that I have been desiring. Some say I may be materialistic and a little stuck up, but I simply see myself as a hard worker who strives for the better things in life. Another thing I always get badgered about is my new weekend activities. Every weekend for the past few months I have been going through Surrey escorts for a beautiful lady to go out on a date with me. They do not understand how I can waste my money on this or even have the money to do it. Like I said before, I always find the time and money to do as I please. Making myself happy is one of my number one goals and I plan to keep accomplishing that.

The Big Move

Posted By on July 17, 2014

Bath has given me the opportunity to experience the french way of living and to live an entirely different way than I did back home. I thought the move would be difficult, but so far the transition has been fairly easy. So far I have found my new apartment, gotten a job and gotten everything unpacked and put away. Now that I feel semi-settled in, I think it is time for a little fun. I contacted the Gateshead escort agency last night to have a date for this evening. I know it is not really a real date, but to me it is better than sitting at home alone wishing I was out doing something. I am not really sure what tonight will have in store for us as I still do not know any of the hot spots here in Bath. But I am sure my escort will be able to help me in that department.

Superbowl Next Year At Your House

Posted By on July 12, 2014

Last year I watched the Super Bowl with my family, friends and a Liverpool escorts companion at my mansion. I had a big screen tv on in every room so that noone would miss a single play. I had made up a bunch of squares and passed them around and they filled up quickly. We had a winner for every quarter and a jackpot prize as well.

During the entire day I had people in and out of my house constantly! I woke up in the morning with a huge hangover and a days worth of cleaning ahead of me. My sister ended up coming over to help because she had a lot of her friends over also. I told her next year that she needs to have the party at her little house because it would be less time to clean. Her house can’t even hold ten people it is so small and we had at least 100 people at my house!